Venetian Plaster || Hybrid Finishes

These materials were created to supply an ever broadening market with more versatile products. In many cases they appear similar to their historic counter parts and in some cases surpass them. The synthetic portion of the product is generally Acrylic resin unless otherwise noted. This resin may be mixed with other natural ingredients such as filtered slaked lime, marble flour or quartz.

Venetian Plaster || Modified Veneziano

All the luxuriant beauty of the true Venetian polished plaster but modified with the benefit that it may be pigmented to nearly100% of black.

General - Identical in nearly all respects to the standard Grassello product A filtered slaked lime and marble flour plaster modified with more than 4% Acrylic Resin allowing the mixture to be fully pigmented if desired. Nearly all slaked lime Italian plaster imported to the USA is modified in this way. Due to it's high lime content, this plaster is still offers natural mold and mildew resistance.

Texture - As with standard Grassello (Venetian plaster) it produces a smooth, regal, polished plaster finish. Cool like stone to the touch with a warm effect.

Colour and Technique - Remarkably, only a small percentage of resin added to the slaked lime allows much deeper coloring-even black. Application technique is the same as with unmodified lime and with like results-rich and vibrant to quietly serene depending on the hand of the applicator.

Architectural Treatments - Suitable over all standard substrate, however due to it's fine surface it is suitable for luxurious residential and commercial interiors. It accentuates and combines well with many wood types, metal patinas, glass and stone. Not suitable for historical restoration and the percentage of resin varies by manufacturer.

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Venetian Plaster || Fiorentino


Unlike many decorative plasters, this contemporary flat matte finish creates a very different ambiance.

General - Composed of acrylic resin and fine marble dust. Extremely durable and water repellent. This is a mannered, halcyon finish.

Texture - Velvety smooth to the touch and dulling yet with some purchase.

Colour and Technique - Fiorientino is an understated plaster and requires a bicolore technique. Pigmentation may provide vivid contrast or a subtle wash with colors softly blending into one another.

Architectural Treatments - Well suited for interiors of all types the effect is always dignified, noble and gracious whether in a dining room, luxury bath or a finely designed modern commercial space.

Venetian Plaster || Resin Veneziano


Perhaps the most requested decorative finish. A sublime enhanced version of the historical Venetian Plaster.

General - Made with acrylic resin and titanium dioxide and proprietary materials, this regal finish is both versatile and extremely durable.

Texture - This product can achieve an unparalleled shine. As smooth as glass to the touch. It's tactile appeal creates an irresistible beauty.

Colour and Technique - Unlike the limes, Veneziano may be pigmented to virtually any color. Depending on technique and color choice it's organic mottled appearance can range from moderately flowing adagio to an active vivace.

Architectural Treatments - Stately and august Veneziano, is at home in both luxurious commercial and residential settings. Its sensual sheen lends itself well to nearly all types of quality architectural design and it's durability makes it suitable even for areas well trafficked. Additionally it is water resistant and suitable over nearly all substrate including hydraulic limes and cement.

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Venetian Plaster || Stucco Romano


A versatile finish employing modern and traditional technique.

General - Made with acrylic resin and fine marble dust the water resistant Stucco Romano achieves its effect through the use of wax.

Texture - Smooth to the touch but with very mild variated relief.

Colour and Technique - This effect is achieved by the wax finding the irregularities in the surface with both plaster and wax pigmentation affecting the final appearance. The look can be bold and contemporary or simple and provincial. Satin sheen.

Architectural Treatments - Suitable for all substrate, this water resistant finish is generally specified for interiors and may be used in bath and kitchen. It is hard and washable. This finish is justified as an accent or an entire room.

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